A Short History Of Gift Giving

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We are social creatures who express our feelings by giving gifts. It can be any occasion be it a birthday, anniversary, or to even show love and gratitude, giving gifts is an activity we all do. Let us go back in time to find the origins of gift giving.  


Giving gifts is one of the oldest human activities, it may have started just after the origin of our species. Even primitive beings gave gifts to one another, often tribe leaders awarded tribe members for any achievement that is gain for the entire tribe. Earlier gifts were used to be a little unusual, but these were the only precious things available at that time. Unusually shaped rocks, a tooth are some examples. These things came naturally from nature and were given without any modification. As we developed tools, holes were drilled into these rocks or a tooth to use them as necklaces or bracelets. Then idols were gifted made from carving wood or stone for as idol worship started among people. Later people used to offer each other good luck tokens; these token were given as presents. Even today gifting is part of our everyday culture; it is a means to express our feelings for one another.

Reasons why people give gifts:

Gift as an expression of love:

In any type relationship, the two people involved care about each other. To show this love and care people often give gifts to their partners. It doesn't matter it is an occasion or not, giving gifts comes from our hearts.   

Gift on celebrating a birthday:

A birthday is a special day for everyone and should be celebrated each year. Age doesn't matter everyone should be given special attention. Making someone feel special at their birthday can be done by giving a gift to that person.

Gift giving to say thank you:

We all have some friends and family members who often do some favors for us without asking anything in return. Giving a thank you gift will make the other person feel you acknowledge their help and care about them. The receiver will feel happy and might help you without asking in the future.

Gifts to apologize:

We often hurt someone or do something that the other person may not like. Sometimes people get very upset and do not forgive after a simple verbal apology. In situations like this were words are not enough gifts can make the difference.

Gifts to build corporate relationships:

We all must have something at our home a gift given by a company. These gifts are given to employees, clients, and random people. Employees are given gifts to improve the relationship between the employee and the company. To retain our clients, we need to keep them happy; this can simply do by giving gifts to the clients. When launching a new product or service, small gifts like keychains, caps, shirts, etc. are often distributed among the public to promote the product or just for good branding.