Five ways to maximize corporate gifting

Posted by admin 26/06/2018 0 Comment(s)

Corporate gifting can be a great way of connecting with your customers on a slightly personal level. While everybody loves receiving gifts this gifting season make sure you keep in mind the following points before you present corporate promotional items to your employees and clients.


1. Think from the perspective of the receiver: Before gifting your employees or customers anything, take a moment to question yourself whether you would have liked the gift you are thinking of presenting them. You can look for corporate gifts online to check the best corporate gifts ideas.


2. Choose gifts of daily use: Utility is the most significant thing that the receivers expect the present to have. If your gift doesn’t serve the receiver some purpose, then there is no point of giving the present at all because you aim to keep your name in the minds of your customers; something that they use on a daily basis will help remind your customers about you more often.


3. Less is more: Give a handful of people excellent gifts instead of giving many people cheap and worthless gifts. Always remember that it is not always essential to provide gifts to everyone. Select a list of your best customers or employees who would appreciate your gesture.


4. Always consider cultural differences: Always take into account the cultural practices of your customers and employees. In China, gift items are never wrapped in white since it symbolizes death and is therefore considered a bad omen. Therefore, always make sure that you are well aware of the traditions of the place from where your client comes.


5. Personal delivery: Personally delivering the gift to your customers will go a long way in establishing the chord between your clients and your organization. If your gift isn’t too big, you can consider delivering it yourself to your client yourself as this will help etch that particular memory in your clients’ mind for years to come.


Your gift doesn’t have to be very expensive; instead, a beautiful and unique gift can work wonders for you in the case of particular clients. At other times, creativity could work out in your favor; try gifting your client some handcraft. Make sure that whatever you gift to your customers or employees it strikes a chord with them. Not all people are the same, and hence same gifts cannot work with everybody. Each client or an employee is a different case, take some time before you buy anybody a gift. Make sure what you want to achieve by giving that gift and then think whether your gift is in line with your expectations.