How to maximize corporate gifting in India?

Posted by admin 20/06/2018 0 Comment(s)

So you are trying to maximize your business in India? Well, apart from the excellent service that you must deliver to impress your customers and promote your business, corporate gifting too can help you grow your business. Corporate gifts items are indeed a great way of improving B2B relationships, and such gift items can go a long way in turning potential customers to real customers and the existing clients to permanent buyers of your products and services. So if you have a business or a corporate gift company in India, you can try the following measures to maximize your business through these corporate gift ideas.



Focus on utility: Indians love gifts which they can use in their daily lives. While a bouquet of fresh flowers is an excellent gift in the western countries, the same might not make a similar impact in India. Here, you must give a present which has some value in the eyes of the recipient. Wall clocks, laptop bags, corporate t-shirts and other personalized corporate gifts can make great corporate promotional items.



The personal equation: No gift can work unless you have a stable relationship with the recipient on a personal level. Try strengthening the bond between you and the recipient to make the most out of these corporate gifts.



Watch out for the occasion: India, with its syncretic and pluralistic culture, gives you ample opportunities to give presents to your customers. There is some or the other festival celebrated in India every month; try to make the most out of these festivals. Gifting your customers on such occasions will also help strengthen your bond with your clients.



Know about the local tradition: Having a sound knowledge of the local practices and traditions is imperative for corporate gifting. What works in the west might not work in India as mentioned previously. While a one-piece western outfit would make an excellent present for your female clients in the west, a similar present might be considered outrageous and offensive in India. You can try enlisting the help of a local corporate gifts supplier to buy your client a gift if you are not aware of the local customs and practices.



Religious sentiments: India is home to eight major religions of the world. Consequently, the majority of the Indians are religious people and some even wear their religious beliefs on their sleeves. Therefore, you must bear in mind that your presents don’t hurt anybody’s religious sentiment; in fact, it will be in everyone’s interests if the gift isn’t even related to any religion or belief.




Everyone loves receiving gifts. What differs is the kind of gifts that they like. Irrespective of the fact where your client lives or is based in, a gift which incorporates the personal choices of your client, is sure to impress him. The points mentioned above can be termed as sweeping generalizations made on the Indians, which can be true in some cases too. Therefore, it is necessary that you know your customer fully well before you present him anything. The information that you have about your client is going to be more helpful than any of the tips given by an outsider knows neither you nor your client.