Learning the art of corporate gifting

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Corporate gifting seems easy, but the reality is a lot different. In fact, it can be tricky because most of the time sender has no idea about the choice of the receiver and he or she ends up spending a fortune on the gift items. And there are chances that the recipient may not like your product or for him/her it may render useless.

Gone are the days when
corporate gifting is deemed as boring. Gifting industry has witnessed a radical change. Now gifting market has transformed into useful and cool products. If you want to give a beautiful and affordable gift that represents your company, then many valuable options are available in the market for you.

But sometimes choosing the
best corporate gifts ideas for employees is a dilemma. Coming up with gift items that are always unique and useful is challenging. Undoubtedly, the festive season is the best time to exchange gifts with employees. This gesture shows our concern towards our employees. Gift giving motivate employees and add the sense of loyalty in them.


Few gift items will never bear the tag of old and outdated, and these are:

Classy Wristwatch

Wristwatches are elegant, and they are given as a sign of wealth and prosperity. In India, the demand of wristwatches increases at the time of dhanteras.

Religious Ideals

Give your employees the gift of faith. A perfect idol of Hindu god or goddesses is the gift that you can proudly and happily gift to their employees and be their well-wisher.

Street Fruit Bowl

To beautify your product give decorative street fruit bowl to clients, and employees. It is the best gif item, and it will also remind them of your relations with them.

Gift mentioned above are graceful and useful, but these can be the reason behind a hole in your pocket. So before planning a gifting strategy in your company first prepare a gifting budget for your company.

These tips will help you in setting a perfect target for your budget.

Formulate a list

Listing all your professional contacts on a sheet of paper will somehow help you in planning an accurate budget for your gifting campaign.

Go for bulk quantity

Purchasing goods in huge quantity will give you the benefit of discount. So, try to buy your gifts from a particular vendor only.

Giving best quality products as gifts to your employees is an art. And if you want to become an artist in the art of gift giving try following the tips you have just read.