The Do's and Don'ts of Corporate Gifting

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Everybody loves gifts! Irrespective of your age or gender, a beautiful gift can make you feel loved and cared for. A gift can strengthen the bond between the recipient and the sender. It can especially work wonders in the case of corporate houses by motivating the employees and creating in their minds a sense of belonging. This can signify the company’s position of taking cognizance of the excellent work done by its employees and thereby rewarding them for their hard and sincere work. However, gifting can be a tricky business because you might squander a fortune on the gift and yet the recipient might not like it. This problem is aggravated in the case of corporate gifting because when you gift your employees, you have no clue about what they want contrary to the vague idea that you might have when gifting people on a personal level. Remember, your employees are your biggest customers. Therefore, today when companies are neck to neck with each other in competition, it is essential that you choose the right gift for your employee, who in return can take your organization to greater heights. So, here is a list of important do’s and don’ts that you must follow while giving out corporate gifts.


When to gift your employees and customers?

Festivals or special occasions like a birthday or a marriage anniversary are the best time to make corporate gifts to your employees and clients. It helps your company to establish a personal connection with them. Gifting your employees and clients on such events gives

them an impression that you care for them.


The Do’s of Corporate gifting.


Presentation matters

Present a sweet, beautiful gift in a shoddy manner, and the entire purpose of presenting the gift might go down the drain. On the contrary, present an average gift in a beautiful way, and the value of the gift may enhance, consequently validating the entire business of making these corporate gifts. When making such gifts to your clients, it is especially necessary to take care of the presentation because the presentation and the gift carry with them your brand image and reputation. That’s a lot at stake out there! Be careful with the presentation.


Make the gift worthwhile


Although it is tough to predict whether your employees and clients are going to like your gift or not, it is in your company’s interest to do some brainstorming before gifting them anything. The gift doesn’t have to be too expensive, something as trivial as a pen, a diary or a fresh flower bouquet can go a long way in making your clients and employees feel special. Also, remember to gift your employees and customers something that they can use. A wall clock may sound cliche but beats souvenir hands down.


The don’ts of corporate gifting


  • While it is okay to reward people according to their hierarchies in the company while handing out bonuses or incentives, it should be borne in mind that gifts made on birthdays and anniversaries shouldn’t differ much in their standard and value as this might create a sense of discrimination.


  • Moreover, don’t compromise on the quality or utility of the gift since there are a lot of people vying for your customers and your best employees.


  • Also, when gifting your clients don’t miss out on anyone, prepare a list and send gifts to everyone on the list.


  • Don’t gift your clients or employees anything that might hurt their emotions or religious sentiments.


Corporate gift items can be a great way of retaining valuable employees and customers. Doling out the right gifts can help you promote your business to new clients and make a name for your company in the industry as an organization that attaches real value to its assets. Keeping the points mentioned above in mind when making corporate gifts can certainly help your company reach newer heights.