How corporate gifting is related to brand image?

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We live in times in which people are running out of time. They have little or no time for things that bear little relevance for them. People’s attention span has been cut short. If you have a product or service to sell, you have to make it intriguing enough to catch
buyer’s attention. Another way of doing so is creating an identity that is catchy, valuable and core to your brand. Brand image carries a lot of weightage when it comes to running and growing a business. Your brand image is the face of your brand and reflects the brand’s personality. Your brand image is is what strikes a customer’s mind when they hear or see your brand.  

Now that we understand the importance of brand image for business growth. We should focus on how to create a positive brand image.
Corporate gifting is one of the least explored ways of forging a good brand image. There are very few businesses that realize the true potential of handing out gifts in a corporate culture. Let’s take a look at how giving corporate gifts items is directly related to a positive brand image:

Establishes strong relationships:
One well-known ideology behind corporate gifting is that people love gifts. Giving
gifts items and presents show your concern and loving attitude towards the recipient. Sharing such attitude with another human being establishes a strong bond and relationship between the two persons.

Forms a huge customer base:
For creating a positive brand image, you need a strong customer base. By handing out free
custom promotional products as gifts to your existing customers, their friends and families, you show them that your customers are important to you and you care about them. This attitude not only helps gain the trust of your existing customers but also helps in creating a good impression on other people around them. This is extremely helpful in generating leads and grow your customer base.

Builds credibility:
Corporate gifts play a major role in building credibility and trust. The more effort you put in brainstorming for
corporate gift ideas, the more rewarding the results are. Thoughtful gifts show the recipient that you actually took the time to express how special they are for you. This establishes a sense of mutual trust.

Thus, corporate gifting has the potential to create a very strong and long-lasting brand image for your business. So, embrace this practice before more businesses realize its potential and your efforts are lost in the future flood of corporate gifts.